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  About Us  
About Us
Textile Basics is a search engine dedicated entirely to the textile industry.

We realize the importance and value of your time. Often, searching on Internet Search Engines result in an ocean of results that need to be filtered out with respect to quality of information.
We felt, at present there is no place on the internet that speaks and understand the textile language.

With Textile Basics we endeavor to do the filtering for you and aim to be the single point "resource" for all things Textile.
So the next time you search for “Fibre” on our Textile Basics Search Engine, you will only be served results that pertain to Textile Fiber and not “fibre optics” and “dietary fibre”

We trust you will enjoy the speed and relevance of the search platform we have built for the Textile Industry
What’s more, you can also view and read various news articles and reports customized to your search terms
This information is served from a variety of textile focused platforms delivering highly updated content right to your desktop

This medium also works very well for companies wanting to advertise to a relevant target audience and get more value to the dollar spent

Textile Basics works very well from your mobile or tablet device as well
Try us NOW! For all your textile searches
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